Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and thanks for visiting my new blog! On the off chance that anyone reading this isn’t family/friends, my name is Annabelle and I have recently started adult life by moving into a new flat with my boyfriend and beginning a new job!

My first blog post has been harder to write than I anticipated, and being honest this is about the tenth draft… I tend to waffle when I write, so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet so I don’t put you off from day one! Basically, this blog is all about cooking to suit your mood. I absolutely love cooking and eating, and can spend hours at a time cooking or just thinking about recipes to make next. But there have also been times in the past that the thought or cooking or eating has also made me feel stressed, and I know that’s the case for plenty of people out there. I also think it’s something that can be overlooked by a lot of recipe books, blogs, and programmes. Of course, the idea is always that cooking is meant to be fun, but there is something to be said for not having to trawl through every book you own to find something you want to cook and eat.

So, my goal is to have a selection of recipes in one place that you can use to make your life just a little bit more simple – for those times that you need something comforting to cheer you up, or maybe for those times that you can’t face eating or cooking anything but know you should. I’m far from an expert cook, and I’m still getting going with this blog so it might be slow progress at first. But hopefully I’ll be able to build something resembling a mood board where you can choose a recipe nice and quickly. It won’t be about health foods, fast foods, or fine foods, just ideas for meals that will hopefully help you to enjoy cooking a little more!

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